Group exhibitions

Most Important  Group Exhibitions:


  • U.K., London, Belgravia Gallery, “Spring exhibition 2015”
  • Thessaloniki, Teloglio Foundation, “Erotokritos” (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • Piraeus, Kapsiotis Gallery, “Sea Works” (“European Sea Day”)


  • Athens, Frissiras Museum, “Painting II (1980-2000)” (cur. Thanassis Moutsopoulos)
  • Belgium, Brussells, Theorema Gallery, ”From the Heart”, EPSYPE
  • Athens, Zappeion Megaron, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Exhibition for the Greek Presidency of  the Council of the European Union 2014


  • Athens, Frissiras Museum, ‘’The Deceit of the Flesh’’
  • Athens, Evgenidion Foundation,  ‘’The fairy  tales’’
  • Athens, IANOS, “Trees of Athens” (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • Spetses, Posidonion, ‘’Nostalgia.GR’’ (cur. Klea Sougioultzoglou)
  • UK, London, Belgravia Gallery, ‘’Summer Exhibition 2013’’
  • Athens,  National  Archaeological Museum of Athens,   “PROSFORA – Greek Contemporary  Artists” ,  (cur. Manos Stefanidis)
  • Athens, Kaplanon 5 Gallery, “K.P. Kavafis-Days of 2013”
  • Athens, Museum of City of Athens, “Introducing Messolonghi through Art”, The Moshandreou Collection


  • Athens, Frissiras Museum, ‘’Face to Face’’ (cur. Takis  Mavrotas)
  • Athens, Skoufa Gallery
  • Athens,  Eikastikos Kyklos  Gallery


  • Athens, Evgenidio Foundation, ‘’Natutra 2011’’ (cur. Athena Schina)
  • Syros, Ermoupoleia, ‘’Places of the Sea’’ (cur. Iris  Kritikou)
  • Athens, Athens Plaza, ‘’Six Views’’(cur. Iris  Kritikou)
  • Hydra, Historical Archive-Hydra Museum (cur. F. Paraskeva)
  • Spetses,  Posidonion,  ‘’Taste of  Saltiness II’’ (cur. G. Kalligas)


  • Athens, Glykas Gallery, ‘’Mytaras and Students’’(cur. Liberty Polyzou)
  • Athens, Theocharakis Foundation, ‘’Museum Festival’’, Athens Museum Network (cur. Luisa  Karapidaki)
  • Elefsina,  Kanellopoulos Cultural Center,  ‘’Erysichthon, a contemporary approach on the  Myth’’, Athens Academy, Goulandris Museum of National History (L.Karapidaki)
  • Turkey, Instanbul,  ‘’Tracing Constantinople’’(cur. Iris  Kritikou)
  • Athens, ‘’Human Measures’’, Melina Mercouri Foundation, Municipality of Athens
    (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • Athens, Skoufa Gallery,’’ +esthisi -synesthisi’’(cur. G. Kalligas)
  • Karditsa,  National Gallery, ‘’New Acquisitions’’


  • U.K., London, Belgravia Gallery, ‘’Contemporary Landscapes’’
  • Hydra, Historical Archive-Hydra Museum, ‘’Four Views’’ (cur. F. Paraskeva)
  • Sifnos, National Gallery, ‘’New Acquisitions’’
  • U.K., London,  Belgravia Gallery, ‘’Greek Contemporary Art’’


  • Athens, National  Gallery, ‘’Permanent Collections’’
  • China, Beijing, Hellenic House, ‘’Experiencing Greece’’, Ministry of Tourism, Hellenic Tourism Organisation (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • U.K., London, Belgravia Gallery,  ‘’Greek  Art Today-8  Greek Artists’’ (G.Statopoulos)
  • Ireland, Dublin, ‘’Dublin Art Fair’’, Belgravia Gallery


  • Athens, Benaki Museum, ‘’Birthplace’’ (cur. Iris  Kritikou)
  • Messolonghi, Moschandreou Gallery, ‘’Messolonghi through Art’’, (Argo Gallery)
  • Ioannina, Municipal Gallery, ‘’Three Contemporary Greek Women Artists’’, AGET Heraklis Collection
  • Thessaloniki, Atrion Gallery, ‘’Metaphysics of the Landscape’’ (cur. Ch. Kabouridis)
  • UK, London,  Belgravia Gallery, ‘’Greek Art Today-12 Greek Artists’’(G. Stathopoulos)


  • Thessaloniki, Moni Lazariston, ‘’Panorama of Art’’ (cur. Th. Moutsopoulos)
  • Athens, Athens College, ‘’There was once Penelope Delta’’ (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • Athens, Zoumboulakis Galleries, ‘’Ta  Nea ‘’ 2006 Calendar, 12 Months-12 Artists


  • Athens, Peri Technon Gallery, ‘’Masks’’ (cur. Iris Kritikou)
  • Athens, Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Peristeri,  ‘’Encomium  for the Olive Tree’’ (cur. L. Karapidaki)
  • Athens, Adam Gallery,  ‘’Toy’’
  • Athens, Adam Gallery, ‘’Thalassa’


  • Athens, Technopolis, Gazi, ‘’Agonon Polis- The City of Games’’ (Ath. Schina)
  • Athens, ‘’Encomium for the Olive Tree’’, Ministry of Culture-Athens Academy
    (cur. Ir. Kritikou, L. karapidaki, Fl. Nessi)
  • Lesvos, Theofilos Museum, ‘’The  World of the Olive’’ (cur. Ath. Schina-Ol. Mantzafou)
  • Athens, Benaki  Museum,  ‘’Portraits of Antonis Benakis’’ (cur. Th. Moutsopoulos)


  • Cyprus, Nikosia, CK Art Gallery,
  • Athens,  Fine Arts Gallery, ’New Iconolatry’’ (Ch. Kambouridis)

2003-2004 – Athens and the Olympic Towns (itinerant exhibition), ‘’The Olympic Spirit’’
(Athens Org. for the Olympic Games-P. Kounenaki)


  • Athens, Skoufa Gallery, ‘’Painting Relationships’’ (Au. Zenakos)
  • Athens, Zoumboulakis Galleries, ‘’Petits Formats’’

2001 – Athens, Zoumboulakis Galleries, ‘’Petits Formats’’


  • Athens, Ekfrasi  Gallery, ‘’Personal Relations’’
  • Athens, Lithographer of Piraeus Street,  ‘’2000 Tins’’ (Al. Veroukas)


  • Chalkis, Collection of AGET Heraklis
  • Lesvos, Teriade Museum, ‘’Greek Landscape Painting 19th-20th century’’
  • Athens, Selene Gallery, ‘’Millenium’’


  • Belgium, Brussels,  West Europe Union, ‘’Focalisation du Regard’’ (Ath. Schina)
  • Athens, Zoumboulakis Galleries, 12 Artistes paint for Sante’’, (Calendar for Sante-Papastratos Tobacco Co.)
  • Athens, Zoumboulakis Galleries- Gennadios Library


  • Larissa, Center of Contemporary Plastic Arts, ‘’The Sources of the Gaze ’’ (Ath.Schina)
  • Athens, National Gallery, ‘’Greek Landscape Painting in 19thand 20th century’’  from the National Gallery and the Koutlides Foundation Collections


  • Albania, Tirana, National Gallery, ‘’Summer in the Mediterranean’’ (Hellenic  Ministy of Culture  and  Zoumboulakis Galleries.
  • Athens, National Gallery, ‘’Tribute to El Greco’’ (M.  Lambraki-Plaka)
  • Athens,  Zoumboulakis Galleries, ‘’Petits Formats’’


  • Hydra, Municipal Gallery, ‘’13 Young Greek Artists’’
  • Cyprus, Lemessos, ‘’The Midwest Group of Companies and the Dutch Association of Cyprus’’

1992 – France, Vitry, Municipality of Vitry, ‘’Salon de Vitry’’ (prize)

1991 – France, Paris, College Neerlandais, ‘’Artistes du Monde’’


  • Athens,  3rd International Meeting for the Protection of the Enviroment
  • Athens, ‘’Athens- Fine Arts 1989’’
  • Athens,  Athens Conservatory, ‘’Graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts’


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